The part can never be well unless the whole is well. 

                                                                                                     -- Plato



Private Practice

Individual art therapy sessions : Adolescents and Adults, individuals with developmental needs

For those looking to cope with trauma, anxiety, stress, depression, foster self-esteem, self-awareness, emotional regulation, reconciling emotional conflicts and managing behaviors. 

Price: $200


Reiki Session: For All ages

For those looking for grounding, balance, and energy healing to better foster a sense of self and wholeness. 

Price: 60 min session $80; 30 min session $50

*Packages are available

Combination Session: 90 min session (30 Reiki/60 art therapy)

Price: $250


Corporate Workshops Available

Art Therapy can decrease burn out, stress and anxiety in the work place. It can be a source of team building and group process. 



            Please Contact to Schedule: 


            P:  443-306-9318

            115 Broadway; Suite 1800, NY, NY 10006